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17 - 19 Oct 2019

Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy

The international AGYA Summer School facilitates the systematic exchange of perspectives and experiences between young and established scholars based in Europe and the Arab world. This year’s summer school in Venice will focus on cities and urban space in pre-modern, modern, and contemporary Arabic literature, arts and culture.

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24 Oct - 19 Dec 2019

University of Hildesheim and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW)

The upcoming lecture series ‘Contemporary Women Philosophers in Arab Countries. Intellectual Portraits’ aims to be an intellectual and philosophical contribution to a necessary international debate on the representation of Arabic-speaking women philosophers in international academic discourse. Instead of talking about Arab women and their ascribed roles, this project aims to create a space in which Arab women philosophers from six countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar and Tunisia) can have their say and exchange ideas with a German audience of experts.

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02 - 10 Nov 2019

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) in Cairo/Egypt & University of Fayoum In Fayoum/Egypt

The demand of water and energy is globally increasing. Both sectors are closely interlinked: All types of energy production consume water either to process the raw materials, constructing and maintaining the plant, or to just generate the electricity itself. The interlinks of the two sectors including technologies as well as implementation strategies (WEN policies) are the main topic of an international workshop followed by a practical training course for Arab and German students.

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06 - 07 Nov 2019

American University Ras Al Khaima, UAE

Future cities will take more than ever advantage of new technologies. But how to successfully manage smart, sustainable, and livable cities? How to produce synergies and transfer research results into nexus policies that create smart environments? Researchers from various disciplines together with policy makers will give answers to these pressing questions.

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08 - 10 Nov 2019

Berlin, Germany

From 08 - 10 November 2019, the international AGYA conference explores the potential and challenges of the humanities, engaging Arab and German key players in a multilateral dialogue. When technological and ecological change transforms our everyday lives, the humanities provide the essential knowledge and skills to reflect on social change, our ethical values and norms.

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24 - 30 Nov 2019

Helmut Schmidt Universität, Hamburg (Germany)

The Make A Difference ‘Hackgrothon’ is basically an idea challenge for everyone. It aims towards making a social and ecological impact based on the open source principles. This edition is based on building solutions to some important agricultural challenges in the framework of a hackathon in the OpenLabs at Hamburg University.

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