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Contemporary Women Philosophers in Arab Countries. Intellectual Portraits


Lecture Series

So far, the perception of Arabic-speaking philosophy in Europe has been limited to classical authors such as al-Fārābī (872-950), Ibn Sīnā (980-1037) and Ibn Rušd (1126-1198). Nevertheless, recent research challenges the perception that philosophy in the Islamic world has been concluded with Ibn Rušd (Latin Averroes); in fact, this perception is strongly argued against worldwide. Research publications of recent years, especially in German-speaking countries, such as the work of Sarhan Dhouib, Kata Moser and Anke von Kügelgen, have shown how the analysis of modern Arabic-speaking philosophers (since the 19th century) is relevant and much more diverse in its conclusions than previously perceived. They point to the thematic complexity of philosophic works from Arabic-speaking countries and their constant development through critical examination of European and Anglo-American traditions, but also of their own tradition. This philosophizing includes different intellectual profiles – be it men or women – and orients itself towards different philosophical schools.

The AGYA lecture series on ‘Contemporary Woman Philosophers in Arab Countries. Intellectual Portraits.’ sees itself as an intellectual and philosophical contribution to a necessary international debate on the representation of Arabic-speaking women philosophers in international academic discourse. Instead of talking about Arab women and their ascribed roles, this project aimed to create a space in which Arab women philosophers from six countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar and Tunisia) can have their say and exchange ideas with a German audience of experts.

The lecture series took place in the winter semester at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Hildesheim in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Rolf Elberfeld at the University of Hildesheim and the Section ‘Cultural Philosophy and Cultural Theory’ of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (Dr. Sarah Schmidt, Schleiermacher Research Centre at the BBAW, Berlin).

Members in Charge

Sarhan Dhouib

University of Hildesheim Kulturwiss. u. Ästhet. Kommunikation Institut für Philosophie

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Fayçal Djeffal

Engineering, Microelectronics
University of Batna 2, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electronics

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DATE and Venue of the project

October 2019 - February 2020
University of Hildesheim, Domäne Marienburg, and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), Berlin, Germany

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