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Konstantin Klein


Areas of Expertise:
Greek and Roman History, History of the Levant from Hellenistic to Abbasid Times, Late Antique History, Literature, and Archaeology, Epigraphy, Empire of Palmyra, Religious History of Pre-Islamic Arabia

About me

I am a lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Bamberg in Germany. The main focus of my research lies on the cultural and religious history in the Eastern Mediterranean World from Ancient Greece via the Hellenistic and Roman periods to the late antique and early Islamic times.
In my scholarly work, I use an interdisciplinary methodological approach in which I combine literary evidence with epigraphical as well as archaeological remains. The results are further substantiated by sociological and ethnological research. This is why interdisciplinary research and openness to other scholarly traditions are a vital element in my own understanding as an academic – and my main motivation to be part of AGYA.
My current research is centred on the history of urbanism in Palestine, on the inscriptions and the language of Palmyra, and on the history of emotions in Classical Athens. However, over the past years, I have found myself also dealing with 19th-century Italian merchant families, Greek entrepreneurs, Prussian renegades, and Swabian travellers to this region, since this, too, is part of what I would consider an inclusive approach to the history of the Near East.

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Common Heritage and Common Challenges
  • Member of the Editorial Board for the Edition of the Travel Diaries of the German Orientalist Julius Euting (1839–1913)
  • Project Member of ‘Hospitalités dans l'Antiquité méditerranéenne’ der École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (UMR 5189 HiSoMA) and École française de Rome, a project aiming to explore the concept of hospitality in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Academic Career


since 2016


Akademischer Rat a. Z., Chair of Ancient History, University of Bamberg




Ph.D. in Ancient History (University of Oxford)


2011 – 2016


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Chair of Ancient History, University of Bamberg


2011 – 2013


Junior Visiting Research Fellow of the Council of the British Research in the Levant (CBRL), Kenyon Institute, East-Jerusalem


2009 – 2010


Mellon Scholar, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford


2008 – 2009


Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge/MA




M.A. in Medieval History, German Studies, and Islamic Art History (University of Bamberg)




Master of Studies in Ancient History (University of Oxford)


Selected Publications

  • A Christian Holy Land (284–638 CE). In: R. Hoyland/H. Williamson (eds): The Oxford Illustrated History of the Holy Land. Oxford 2018, 141–167.
  • Acceptation et résistance après le concile de Chalcédoine. Conversion de lieux et de personnes dans la Palestine de l'Antiquité tardive. In: Archives de Sciences sociales des religions 182 (2018), 169–189.
  • Flavius Josephus, Hieronymus und die Eroberung Roms 410 n. Chr. In: KLIO 98,2 (2018), 653–682.

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University of Bamberg, Lehrstuhl für Alte Geschichte

Fischstraße 5–7 96045 Bamberg Germany

+49 951 863 2349

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