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Mohammad Alwahaib


Areas of Expertise:
Political Theory, Arab Modern Political Thought, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Modern Ideologies, Regional Democratic Transformation, Youth Oppositional Movements, Religious Extremism

About me

I am Head of the Department of Philosophy at Kuwait University. I received my BA from Kuwait University and MA in Philosophy from Boston College. I received my PhD in Political Philosophy from Florida State University. My doctoral dissertation was on the thought of Hannah Arendt. My dissertation was completed under the supervision of professor Peter Dalton.

Political theory has always been a philosophical passion for me, but this passion does extend beyond that. My research areas include Arab modern political thought, Arabic and Islamic studies, modern ideologies such as Zionism and German philosophy in the phenomenological tradition, such as the thought of Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt. I am also interested in the relation between theory and practice and I spent a few years working on issues of policy, writing and dealing with current regional challenges, such as regional democratic transformation, youth oppositional movements and religious extremism.    

I think that the modern Agora which AGYA offers through its various events and conferences does offer a great opportunity for me to discuss and debate many topics from different viewpoints with colleagues from different disciplines. I believe that great research ideas do spring from such great dialogues. I am really grateful for the opportunity that was provided to me which allows me to work and collaborate with some outstanding Arab and German scholars in a novel research area.  

Current projects

Academic Career


2019 -


Head of the Department of Philosophy at Kuwait University


2006 -


Faculty member at the Philosophy Department, Kuwait University


2002 - 2006


PhD in Philosophy from Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA


2000 - 2002


MA in Philosophy, Boston College, Boston, MA, USA


Selected Publications

  • Al-Ghazali and Descartes from Doubt to Certainty: A Phenomenological Approach. Discusiones Filosóficas 18 (31 July - December): 15-40. 2017.
  • Pitirim Sorokin and the Philosophy of History: from Sexual Revolution to the Decay of the West. Arab Journal of Human Sciences, Kuwait University, 2015
  • John Rawls' Theory of Civil Disobedience and Its Implications. Published by Eastern Studies Journal, College of Arts, Cairo University, 2013

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Department of Philosophy, College of Arts, Kuwait University

P. O. Box 23558 Safat Postal Code: 13060 Kuwait

+96 524632291

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