AGYA Alumnae/Alumni

Jan Friesen

Environmental Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Eco-Hydrology, Hydrological Modeling, Forest Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Sensor Development

Current projects

  • Member of the AGYA Working Group Energy, Water and Environment: We plan to come up with a catalogue of Arab and German opinions on controversial technologies. My major interest in this context is a focus on water related topics.
  • Instrumentation/methods development for improved canopy water storage estimates: Rainfall interception by forest canopies is a key process in hydrological models. Classically, interception is derived through rainfall budgeting below the canopy and in the open. We aim to develop and compare new, more direct methods, to quantify forest rainfall interception.
  • Groundwater from clouds – coupling regional groundwater modeling with recharge scenarios based on cloud forest distribution: Several projects have focused on the specific eco-hydrology of the Dhofar cloud forest in Oman. Specifically, the natural tree vegetation has the ability to capture cloud water and transport it efficiently to deeper soil layers. This has been studied in detail for different tree species at selected sites. Our aim is to regionalize these findings in order to (i) derive recharge scenarios for groundwater models, and to (ii) assess the effect of de- or re-forestation on the groundwater resources fed through the Dhofar Mountains.


Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department Catchment Hydrology

Permoserstr. 15 04318 Leipzig Germany

+49 341 235 1082

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