Energy, Water and Environment

Arab and German Perspectives on Controversially Perceived Technologies and Subjects


Working Paper Project

The project aims at reflecting upon current controversies in the Arab world and Germany on the use of different technologies regarding Nature Conservation, Wastewater Treatment, Climate Engineering, Solar Energy and Biomass Usage. The considerations on the different technologies are organized as 'perspective papers'.

This article series sheds light on different approaches toward the application of technologies in Germany and the Arab World. A mutual understanding of the commonalities and differences in the perception of these technologies should be considered as precondition for the success of Arab-German joint developments.


Members in Charge

Skander Elleuche

Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

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Jan Friesen

Environmental Studies
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department Catchment Hydrology

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Vanessa Lux

Ruhr-Universität-Bochum Faculty of Psychology AE Genetic Psychology

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  • Vanessa Lux

Collection and interpretation of country perspectives on disputed technologies and subjects: Methods and methodologies (in preparation)

  • Yvonne Sawall

Nature conservation (in preparation)


  • Lalla Btissam Drissi & Faycal Djeffal

A promising energy source for the future (in preparation)


Further contributions on additional technologies and subjects are very much welcomed. The perspective papers series is a project of the Working Group Energy, Water and Environment. Although, it benefits from a close cooperation with members from other AGYA Working Groups who support the preparation of country perspectives for selected topics and contribute to the ethical perspectives onto the disputed technologies.

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