Energy, Water and Environment

Boosting Opportunities and Awareness



13 - 16 January 2017

American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


Science and engineering hold important answers to key challenges like climate change and sustainable development that we have to address today. Given the current and future global need for engineering, it is imperative that all human resources are used. We need to attract young minds and involve more women into fields in which they are underrepresented.

The conference aimed to increase interest among women in STEM, while raising awareness about engineers' contributions to the community. These topics are of high importance to all Arab countries and Germany. The GCC countries take the lead and establish an important center of increasing energy demand. The GCC countries rank among the highest countries in terms of energy consumption per capita. Besides the environmental benefits of improving water and energy use efficiencies, industrial competitiveness and energy security benefits are also of great importance here.

The workshop provided opportunities for female students to gain knowledge on research and professional career options available for the fields of water/wastewater engineering and renewable energy.

The conference was realized in cooperation with the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.


The event included the following panel sessions:

  • Women in Engeneering and Higher Education
  • Women and Careers in Research
  • Shortage of Women in STEM
  • Promoting Women`s Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Best Practices for Attracting Women to Careers in Engeneering in the Arab States and Germany

Members in Charge


Ahmad Sakhrieh

is Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Ras al Khaimah.

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Olfa Khelifi

is Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences of Tunis and currently the President of the Maya Organization.

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